A free, independent self-exclusion scheme

GAMSTOP is a free service for customers, which lets them put controls in place to help restrict them from undertaking any gambling activities.

GAMSTOP is explicitly an online tool and does not include telephone betting as part of its scheme however it is our company policy not to accept members of GAMSTOP.

GAMSTOP is a free service for customers and is available for customers who reside within the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) only. If you as a player have signed up for the service you will be prevented from using our services (and other gambling websites and apps run by companies who are licensed in Great Britain) for a set period of time.

What happens after you have signed up to GAMSTOP

After you sign up to GAMSTOP, It can take up to 24 hours for your self-exclusion to become effective, so you will need to tell us that you are part of the GAMSTOP service. If you have signed up already or are attempting to sign up to the Joe Jennings Bookmakers services you should tell us when you speak to us or if asked directly.

What registering with GAMSTOP means to you and Joe Jennings

You will be excluded from gambling for a period of 6 months, 1 year or 5 years (depending on the option you chose) with Joe Jennings, and we will work to help, by not allowing you to register with our services as long as you tell us when asked.

It is also really important that you set up an account with GAMSTOP so that you can keep your details up to date. Addresses, email addresses and mobile numbers do change over time and this is a good way of keeping your GAMSTOP exclusion as effective as possible.

If you do not tell us you are registered and you change you contact details, we have no way of confirming you are registered with the service and helping to stop you placing a betting.

You will not be able to cancel your self-exclusion until your chosen minimum period has elapsed, and we will not be able to accept bets from you whilst you are registered and we have linked your details.

Once your minimum exclusion period has elapsed, you will need to call GAMSTOP to ask for it to be removed otherwise it will remain in place.

Fore more information visit https://www.gamstop.co.uk/.