In 1961 Joe Jennings Bookmakers was born, setting up shop in the beautiful Essex town of Harlow. Since that time we have gradually expanded our operation to offer the highest quality sports betting service to our customers across 15 locations throughout the South of England, Jersey and the Isle of Man.


Use the map below for information on the location of each of our betting shops around the country or scroll down for a full list of addresses. And if you can’t get to a shop why not register online for our telephone betting and WhatsApp betting services, allowing you to bet from home or on the go!

Joe Jennings Bookmakers – Bath Street JE2 4SU, Jersey 1 Britannia Place, Bath Street, St. Helier, Jersey, C.I. JE2 4SU
Joejennings Bookmakers – Halkett Place JE2 4WG, Jersey 49 Halkett Place St. Helier Jersey C.I. JE2 4WG
Joejennings Bookmakers – Dicq Corner JE2 4PX, Jersey 1 Dicq Corner Havre Des Pas St. Helier Jersey C.I. JE2 4PX
Joejennings Bookmakers – Cheapside JE2 3PG, Jersey JOE JENNINGS BOOKMAKERS 14 Cheapside St. Helier Jersey C.I. JE2 3PG Map Location
Joejennings Bookmakers – Prospect Terrace IM1 3AL, Isle of Man JOE JENNINGS BOOKMAKERS 10 Prospect Terrace Woodbourne Road Douglas Isle of Man IM1 3AL
Joejennings Bookmakers – Regent Street IM1 2EB, Isle of Man JOE JENNINGS BOOKMAKERS 7 Regent Street Douglas Isle of Man IM1 2EB
Joejennings Bookmakers – Castle Street IM1 2EZ, Isle of Man JOE JENNINGS BOOKMAKERS 22 Castle Street Douglas Isle of Man IM1 2EZ
Joejennings Bookmakers – Ramsey IM8 1LA, Isle of Man JOE JENNINGS BOOKMAKERS 4 Church Walk St. Paul’s Square Ramsey Isle of Man IM8 1LA
Joejennings Bookmakers – Ridgeway Street IM1 1EW, Isle of Man JOE JENNINGS BOOKMAKERS 5/7 Ridgeway Street Douglas Isle of Man IM1 1EW
Joejennings Bookmakers – Terminus ST CM20 1ES, Harlow Terminus Street, Harlow CM20 lES, United Kingdom
Joejennings Bookmakers – Old Harlow CM17 ODW,Harlow JOE JENNINGS BOOKMAKERS 18 High Street Old Harlow Essex CM17 ODW
Joejennings Bookmakers – West Square CM20 1JJ, Harlow

JOE JENNINGS BOOKMAKERS 7 West Square The High Harlow Essex CM20 1JJ

Joejennings Bookmakers – Templefields CM20 2DG,Harlow JOE JENNINGS BOOKMAKERS 4 Mill Hatch Templetields Harlow Essex CM20 2DG
Joejennings Bookmakers – The Stow CM20 3AN, Harlow JOE JENNINGS BOOKMAKERS 31/32 The Stow Harlow Essex CM20 3AN
Joejennings Bookmakers – Prentice Place CM17 9BG, Harlow JOE JENNINGS BOOKMAKERS 5 Prentice Place Potter Street Harlow Essex CM17 9BG